Summer fun hunting? Check out Hidden River Cave longest underground swinging bridge

Featuring world's longest underground swinging bridge

HORSE CAVE, Ky. – Kids are graduating. Summer weather is ahead, and people are on the lookout for fun.

If you’re looking for an adventure both above and below ground, Hidden River Cave might just be your next road trip.

In the heart of Horse Cave holds Hidden River Cave is one perfect place to check out right here in South Central Kentucky.

Christian Rodriuges has worked at the nonprofit for the last three years. He said, “It’s different every day. Lovely staff, and I get to meet a lot of great people. It adds to my character every day.”

He told me about some of the newer additions that many folks didn’t experience with Covid 19.

As of 2018, the historic Hidden River Cave installed the world’s longest underground swinging bridge.

Also, in 2020, workers opened up the region’s largest dome room, Sunset Dome. The almost four-acer echo chamber dome had been closed to the public for 75 years.

There’s also a path perfect for cave explorers.

“You can go on our off trail tours which are three to four hours long,” said Rodriuges. “We get off the beaten path. We get muddy. We get wet. We find different things to crawl into, which is really neat.”

Best of all, Hidden River Cave is in the process of making the underground trek wheelchair accessible. Rodriuges hopes that by this time next year, the cave will be accessible to everyone.

The fun doesn’t stop above ground. Those craving an adrenaline rush can zipline across the cave sinkhole entrance, or you can rappel 75 feet from the surface to the mouth of the cave.

If you think you are brave enough to zipline and rappel, post your pictures and tag News 40 on your socials, and let us know what hot spot we should cover next.