Spring Break travel tips

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As spring break gears up, you need to be mindful of several things.

Wes Watt with the Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation, District 3, offered a few pieces of advice to News 40. Watt said it’s important to have a map when headed to more rural areas, as well being aware on the roads and cities you’re traveling to.

He also said to make sure you’re properly outfitted with all the right equipment to perform your own maintenance should the need arise. This was a thought also expressed by Lynda Lambert, a representative for AAA’s East Central region.

Lambert said getting a routine check on your car is important, as you “don’t want to be one of the people AAA has to pick up.”

The representative said their top three calls are for lock outs, flat tires and dead batteries. And both Lambert and Watt said you should have some sort of provisions for the trip. When traveling, it’s always good to have things on hand to make the trip as easy as possible.

Things like snacks, phone chargers and water were the main pieces brought up, but of course whatever might need should go inside the vehicle. Lambert also added that compared to this week last year, gas is 80 cents cheaper.