SKYCTC adds new building with latest technology

Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College students are in for a real treat when they return next month!

 A brand-new, state-of-the-art, building will be available for SKYCTC students.

It’s a 22-million-dollar, 72-thousand square foot building, known as Building-L.

It’s the newest addition to the SKYCTC campus and contains a variety of resources for student success.

“Our local businesses and industries are in such need of skilled workforce and this building kind of brings some of that to life with math, science, engineering, and big labs, big library. That’s just really going to help the campus community and our community at large.” says Rebecca Lee, the Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications for SKYCTC.

The allied health wing is a large portion of the building where the medical labs are located. The medical labs use the latest technology to simulate a hospital environment and even contain life like mannequins. The mannequins breathe, blink, and have various other human reactions just like a real patient would.

This gives students just like Victoria Lucas a hands on learning experience…

“Just to know that we are going to have all this really amazing new technology for a lot of our medical programs and all this new space for the students to study, you know group studies, different stuff like that. It’s like a blessed feeling.” says Victoria Lucas, a student at SKYCTC.

Campus is not the only thing expanding at SKYCTC, so are the growing number of students…

“Our enrollment right now is up versus last year at the same time. We are so glad to see that. The enrollment numbers are dynamic so they will change even over the next month. So we really wont know where we sit in enrollment until after the final numbers are in. Right now we are so pleased and cautiously optimistic that our enrollment numbers will be up in the fall.” adds Lee.

Fall classes start on August 13th

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