Robot Royale in Warren County

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – Warren County Public Schools for the third time hosts its third annual Royale Rumble.

It’s a chance to test your robot skills for kids in the local area and have fun with some coding projects. In Warren County, every school has a robotic program, according to teacher Michael Graves, so multiple teams  showed up from Warren, but Butler was in attendance as well.

It’s an event anticipated by many looking to compete, elementary school kids build Lego bots to navigate a course or sumo wrestle all in the name of science and victory. It’s an event that brings out the curiosity in children, Graves said even this year was his first attending, he could see how much it meant to the kids. According to Graves, children were arriving at his particular station programming the robot he had available without any type of rundown on how it worked.

Bowling Green Police Department was there as well showing off their drones and its capabilities. VR headsets were in the vicinity as well, offer students a trip into Jurassic World. According to Graves, an event like this is good for children because getting them exposed tech young can help in their future endeavors.