National Telecommunicator Appreciation Week

SOUTH CENTRAL KENTUCKY – Across the country, we’re saying thanks to some people you might not recognize.

Those people who answer when you dial 911 and make sure the police or the ambulance get to you don’t often get a lot of praise but this week has been set aside to make sure they get their flowers. As a dispatcher, the job can be daunting and wear on your mental health which makes it a challenging job for the every day person.

In some unfortunate instances, the dispatcher might be the last person someone talks to. It begs the question how someone deals with that kind of weight on their shoulders. As you would think, a dispatcher has to compartmentalize to some extent to make sure they can effectively do their job.

Dispatchers around the country deal with thousands of calls daily but have to remain calm to accurately relay information to emergency services. Their job is a literal life line in many situations so to all the telecommunicators out there, we say thank you.