Kentucky State Police program helps people struggling with drug addiction 

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- One program is helping people who suffer from addiction find treatment by going to any Kentucky State Police post.

The program is called the Angel Initiative, and since its launch in 2016, people seeking help with addiction have been trickling in to KSP Post 3 in Bowling Green.

The initiative has helped nearly 100 people across the state find treatment for drug addiction. Trooper Jeremy Hodges, spokesman for Kentucky State Police Post 3 said the program can keep convicted addicts from spending time in jail.

“Most of the time if someone’s arrested or prosecuted, the condition of their release is going to be to seek drug treatment. This gives them a way to skip the jail time, the fines associated with that and heartache and hardship on their family,” said Hodges.

Once an addict walks into any KSP Post, they will be paired with an angel or volunteer who will be their guide in receiving treatment.

“No questions asked, you can show up to any police post in the state. We have 16 of them. You can call ahead, or you can just show up, and we’ll team you with an angel. They will get you help through a drug treatment facility that’s close by,” said Hodges.

JourneyPure, a Bowling Green based addiction treatment center, is looking to partner with Kentucky State Police on the initiative.

“We’ve seen it work with different things, even through the ER systems that have been initiated and promoted. Somebody can bring somebody to an emergency room and leave them for help, without the fear of prosecution themselves,” said Jerry Lucas, Kentucky market manager at JourneyPure.

The program has faced one set back, those struggling with addiction are hesitant to seek out help from law enforcement.

“The numbers aren’t as high as what we all thought they were going to be. I think a lot of that has to do with people still feeling safe going to a police headquarters to ask for help. So, the spread of the word that this truly is the thing to do I think will be beneficial for all,” Lucas said.

The Angel Initiative does have some restriction; sex offenders, those in possession of narcotics and people with an outstanding warrant are not allowed to participate in the program.