Kentucky awarded more than $35 million to combat substance abuse epidemic

Kentucky Drugs Pic

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced Friday that Kentucky will receive $35,483,406 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of the State Opioid Response Grants Program.

McConnell ensured 15 percent of the program’s funding is dedicated to the hardest hit states, like Kentucky.

To date, McConnell has helped deliver more than $275 million for Kentucky’s’ comprehensive response to the opioid and substance abuse crisis, according to a release from McConnell.

In last year’s appropriations bill, Congress approved $3.8 billion to continue combating this pressing crisis, which included $1.5 billion for the State Opioid Response Grant Program.

“The scourge of substance abuse hasn’t taken a break during this pandemic. Neither can our comprehensive response. President Trump and his administration continue attacking this crisis from all angles, and I’ve been proud to partner with them as we deliver record levels of federal funding for this life-saving work,” McConnell said.

“With the additional $35 million Kentucky received from the Trump administration, we can renew our efforts to help those in need toward long-term recovery. Like many Kentuckians, I’ve heard heartbreaking stories of pain and loss due to substance use disorders. But I have also heard inspirational stories of hope. I’ll continue working to invest in Kentucky’s recovery efforts to support the men and women saving lives from substance abuse.”

Also Friday McConnell announced HHS awarded $1.75 million in federal grants to Kentucky from its Drug-Free Communities Support Program.

“The best way to fight addiction is to prevent it before a life can be thrown into danger. I’m proud of the Drug-Free Communities program in Kentucky, and I applaud the local leaders for taking advantage of these federal funds,” McConnell said in the release. “As Senate Majority Leader, I continue bringing national focus to Kentucky’s response to the opioid and substance abuse crisis. Together, we’ll continue stepping up our efforts to support those suffering from this disease and to educate our young people about the heartbreaking dangers of drugs.”

In this area, The Save Our Kids Coalition and the Scottsville Allen County Faith Coalition, Inc. were awarded $125,000 each for their work to educate and raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse in their communities.