Charity tournament in Bowling Green raises $2,000 for the American Red Cross 

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Community members in Bowling Green have raised $2,000 for charity while playing Connect 4.

It costs $100 for each person to play the game. That money is then donated to a local charity.

Two local businessmen in Bowling Green came up with the idea of having a charity tournament. Kinny Landrum and Trent Ranburger have worked together to make Connect 4 Charity happen.

“This is our way of doing what we can in partnership with the businesses and individuals that decide to play,” said Landrum.

Ranburger added, “That’s what I love about Bowling Green, and the surrounding areas, we’re such a giving community.”

Each month the tournament will raise money for a different charity.

“The way that the charities are chosen is (players) get to write down the name of the charity that they want for the upcoming months. Then somebody, not us, will pick it out of a hat and that will be the next charity,” said Landrum.

Donations from Tuesday’s games will go to support the American Red Cross in Southcentral Kentucky.

Pairs showed up to play the games throughout the day. Austin Albany was one of the tournament winners.

“They do wonderful work in this community, it’s a wonderful cause and helps a lot of people,” Albany said.

The Red Cross has helped more than 127 families recover from home fires this year in Southcentral Kentucky. They also regularly provide support for veterans and active members of the military.

“Ninety one cents of every dollar donated today goes back to the community. The Red Cross works on 9 cents. It’s just a blessing that we’ve had the support that we’ve had. Love what we’re doing, and we’re going to continue doing it month after month, said Ranburger.

Last month 100% of the proceeds from the tournament went to Kids on the Block. Next month money raised will all go to Saving the Depot.