Chaney’s can now pasteurize and bottle milk on the farm

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A vision years in the making for Chaney’s Dairy Barn has become a reality.

The farm now has the capability to produce and bottle milk right at home, and Elizabeth Lunsford with Chaney’s Dairy Barn said this will benefit Chaney’s goal of helping those who help them.

“We kind of took the first step to make sure our cows are in an environment and they’re producing a milk that is of top quality so tat we can pump it over here and we can bottle it and share it with all our friends here in bowling green who have supported us since day one,” Lunsford said.

The milk plant equipment has been coming in since December of 2016, with the final purchases being made June 22. Co-owners Debra and Carl Chaney said they’re excited for this vision to finally be coming to light.

“It’s a little overwhelming. It’s been a long journey for us to get that process going and it was a vision of ours from the very beginning,” Debra Chaney said.

Carl Chaney added, “the processing of the milk kind of helps us to take one step closer to the consumer ourselves. We’re hoping that the milk coming from our cows right here on this farm, that the people can actually come out and visit. hopefully it’s going to be successful.”

One of the business where Chaney’s is providing farm fresh milk is Boyce General Store in Alvaton, and owner Brie Golliher said she’s thankful for a local partner.

“We’re so excited. It’s something that’s been a really long process, and we’ve been really excited for this from the beginning. Anything we can get locally sourced we want to do that, and milk was one of the things we were lacking,” Golliher said. “We’re really excited for Chaney’s to fill that partnership for us.”

Lunsford said this new step for the farm is another step in living out the dream of her grandfather James Riley Chaney whose goal was to have a bottling plant at the farm.

“The ability to continue a legacy and continue a dream that was my grandfather’s, I remember from when I was just a little girl, being able to continue that legacy and do something that I know would make him proud is probably the biggest reward,” Lunsford said.