Bowling Green seeks to install $16.5 million fiber throughout city; how will this affect you?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green City officials released a Request For Proposals that would supply all homes with fiber. The potential project is called, Fiber to the Premises, the city would use $16.5 million of ARPA funds to give all city businesses, institutions and homes access to fiber service.

The city is looking for a vendor who can bring fiber optic service to Bowling Green.

Bowling Green city manager Jeff Meisel said, “A lot of people will say we already have fiber, we already have high speed. Right now, we’re not underserved and we’re not unserved, but the high-speed out there right now, typically the residential property, is still under 200 mb per second.”

City officials have talked about securing fiber for the city before, but the idea never took off due to costs.

So, what does this mean for the average person?

Well fiber is much faster with much less interruption than traditional cable broadband connections. So, you’ll be able to upload and download faster and stream multiple devices at one time.

This also gives you another choice besides AT&T and Spectrum when it comes to internet connection.

Warren County judge-executive Michael Buchanon said, “It will attract people from all over the country. There are a lot of people who are migrating from colder climates or from big cities right now, and they’re looking for our type of community. What’s held us back over the years is access to high-speed broadband.”

Buchanon says Bowling Green has attracted many manufacturing businesses lately, but the city needs fast broadband fiber to attract tech companies.

“Since [Warren County] has actually kicked off a plan with RECC and NCTC throughout the county, we actually have people moving into Warren County who are working for companies in New York City or Chicago,” Buchanon said.

As of now, two companies have already put in bids to become the city’s fiber vendor.