Bowling Green Junior High preparing students for their future

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Bowling Green Junior High School is giving their students a head start and a chance to explore different occupations to prepare for their future.

Principal Robert Lightening says, “Giving students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers we are not trying to push a career down there throat in sixth grade or make them make career decisions in sixth grade or seventh grade or even eighth grade, but we really want to provide them all the opportunities to explore all the interest they might have.”

Students are taking elective courses like journalism learning print, magazines and so much more, and the future doctors and nurses have the chance to learn different medical techniques. These electives are more than just learning opportunities they allow the students to continue family traditions.

Natalee Quinoez, a student says, “It was confusing a little bit because you had to learn about the body and everything and like where different places are. I like it and I feel like its going to have benefits for me in the future… It runs in my family. my grandma was a nurse and my mom so I really want to be a nurse.”

The preparation that’s provided to these children will carry on into their future.

The principal also says, “As they move on to Bowling Green High School and have to select a pathway there and then, ultimately, I really believe that every kid has a gift to give to the world, and when we think about preparing our kids for the future, is, again, I think that has to begin at a very early age.”