Barren County Schools takes proactive approach to excessive heat warning

BARREN COUNTY, Ky. – The heat index is in the triple digits, and Barren County school staff are working hard to fight the intense heat for bus drivers and students riding the buses.

“We’ve made some adjustments this week to our schedules as far as how we’re loading and unloading. We are minimizing the time that they have in the sun, and our bus drivers have been very patient waiting for us and getting them home as quickly as we can,” says Joey Bunch, director of transportation with Barren County Schools.

Barren County has also added new and advanced technology to determine how each day should flow to guarantee student safety.

According to athletic director Warren Cunningham, “All of our coaches have cryometers which measures the heat index. We follow the KHSAA Guidelines. We all have a chart based on the heat index, then what they can do and what they are allowed to do. It’s obviously critical that we keep our student athletes safe, our coaches safe, and then with spectators sports that we keep fans safe, because you run into issues with heat with fans as well, so it’s really important that we keep everybody safe.”

The heat is impacting all of us this week, and schools are finding ways to take action. The preparation isn’t stopping inside. Barren County is also focused on how this impacting the community as a whole.

Joey Bunch also says, “The key we’ve had this year is we’ve had a really good summer of planning and pre-prep, and we’ve got a really good transportation team that works with our high school and middle school and all of our schools in Barren county, and their staff’s administrative staff as a team, we work together to make sure our kids are put on the the correct buses and we get them as quickly and efficiently home.”

Barren County schools are being proactive to ensure the goals are being met one day at a time.