“Xposure” Workshop preparing students for journalism world

Just down the road on Western Kentucky University’s campus, high school students are getting unique exposure.

They’re also getting hands-on experience in the world of journalism.

With high-profile leaders guiding them, they’re being prepared for a successful career in journalism.

That’s at the annual "Xposure workshop" held inside the WKU Student Publications building on campus.

For nine days, six high school students from Kentucky participate in the workshop.

There are six others from states like Georgia and Indiana, as the workshop is limited to 12 students only.

Candidates have to write an essay, have good grades and show sincere passion to get in the workshop.

These students are immersed into an intense and realistic journalism experience from 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

They report on stories, edit video, shoot with DSLR cameras and do profiles on the other students.

Of course, there’s writing too.

The students are also guided by top-tier journalists in the field and alumni of WKU.

These volunteers are giving them the knowledge and direction to follow in their footsteps.

We spoke to Gary Hairlson, the Multimedia Director from St. Louis who’s volunteered every year in exposure’s 35-year run.

He says, "To see what they can do with stills, pictures and writing in a short period of time is mind blowing."

"They will take all these skills back to their schools to make their yearbooks and newspapers better, hopefully making them better journalists.

At the end of the workshop, students will have an opportunity to showcase their projects.

They will also get to visit with their families and eat BBQ at a luncheon to celebrate their accomplishments.