WKU Police: Increase in collisions as students return to campus

As students return to Western Kentucky University, you may have noticed more foot and vehicle traffic around the city.

Aside from slowing your commute down, that increase can also be dangerous.

The WKU Police Department says they see an uptick in roadway accidents around campus, especially in the first few weeks of class, but that can be prevented.

WKUPD Officer Tim Gray says, “in our society today, people are in a hurry, they’re constantly in a hurry and with that we do see of incidental collisions that are occurring and a lot of that are collisions that can be easily be avoided.”

Officer Gray says the number one cause for accidents on the hill is distraction.

“That phone—whether it’s a text message or a phone call or an email you’re trying to respond to, those things can wait. If you keep your head up and your eyes on the road, that allows you that time to react. People are often in a hurry, you know, trying to get to work, trying to drop off kids at school at a certain time.”

Although, it’s not just the driver who needs to be attentive to their surroundings.

“By state law, if pedestrians are in a crosswalk, they do have the right-of-way,” Officer Gray explains, “but just because you’re a pedestrian, that you are walking across the street, don’t automatically assume that you’re in the crosswalk and that you’re in the clear. One of the things we teach students all the time is making sure that you’re making eye contact with that driver, making sure that they see you before you see them.”

Along with WKU, both the Bowling Green Independent School District and Warren County Public Schools are back in session.

Remember to plan your travel time accordingly during high-traffic school hours.