WKU Offers Stress Relief For Finals Week

Finals week is underway here at Western Kentucky Unibersity where stress levels of students and teachers are extremely high…but the WKU testing and counseling center are taking strong measures to make sure that stress doesn’t interfere with the students work

Betsy Pierce Therapist at WKU’s Counseling Testing Center says "stress during finals is especially felt by students of course it’s a very stressful week as they address all their classes and finishing up. We address it in the counseling center on an on-going basis through individuals sessions all the time. We’ve just been asked to come to a stress event star is just hanging out, students can stop and visit for those who are dog lovers it’s certainly a calming thing to do." 

Students are thanking the university for taking measures and offering stress relieving activities and even free meals. Katie Kraft a WKU Marketing Senior says "so finals week is stressful as any college student would say, it becomes natural now that I’m a senior, it’s just natural to oh this is finals week and I have four finals a paper and a huge group project all do in one week. And westerns been really good they free coffee all the time, the more coffee the better. They did a free breakfast this morning, I actually missed it which I was kind of sad. They try to provide things like that to help with…because they understand it’s a really stressful week."

To learn more about what Western Kentucky University is offering this finals week visit WWW.wku.edu/pcal/ or www.wku.edu/heretohelp/