WKU Board of Regents approves WKU Strategic Plan 2018-2028

The Western Kentucky University Board of Regents held their third quarterly meeting of the year on Friday morning. At their last meeting in June, the regents dealt with voting on and approving the new university budget. Today, it was the recent draft of the WKU Strategic Plan that was on the agenda, among other pressing matters. 

The Board of Regents congregated inside Jody Richards Hall for a second straight day of discussions following their annual retreat yesterday. Today, the meeting was different as the board swore in the two newest members to the board: Mrs. Linda Ball and Mr. David Brinkley.

"Well I’m truly humbled and honored to be here," said Ball. "Western’s changed a lot since I was here. I’m very excited and encouraged to work with this board and Dr. Caboni in the future."

Brinkley shared a similar level of optimism and excitement.

"I’m very pleased to be able to serve the university in this capacity," he said. "It’s an honor that the staff has elected me to do that. I think it’s important that the staff have a voice in this body, and I think it’s a great body."

Ball is an Hilltopper alum from Lexington, and she was recently appointed to this position on a six-year term by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. Brinkley is the current Director of Public Broadcasting at WKU, and he now takes on the role of Staff Regent and will serve in that position for the next three years. Both say they’re hoping to contribute a significant amount to the board and make a difference in the future endeavors of the university.

"I think education is very important," Ball said. "I’ve been involved in it in Lexington, and this is a way of giving back."

"I think that there are obviously concerns," added Brinkley. "We want to make sure throughout this difficult period that all of the staff concerns are addressed moving forward. There can sometimes be simple issues, sometimes more complex. Sometimes it’s difficult to solve those in this process and sometimes it’s easy."

In addition to swearing in both Ball and Brinkley to their new regent positions, the board voted several other pressing matters. The regents approved the WKU Strategic Plan 2018-2028, which will serve as the university’s "road map" for the next decade, appointed Ellen Bonaguro as Professor of Communication, Emeritus, and Brian Coutts as Head of the Department of Library Public Services, Emeritus, named Bill "Doc E" Edwards Assistant Athletic Director, Emeritus, and approved undergraduate certificate programs in Deaf Studies, Early Childhood Education Director and User Experience and a graduate certificate program in Local Government Administration. 

"The board genuinely cares about the future and focus of the university," Brinkley said. "I think [President Caboni] is setting us in the right direction – now this is my opinion – to move forward in the best possible fashion."

President Caboni will focus on the new strategic plan at the annual convocation on August 24.