WKU Announces 2nd Phase of Job Cuts

It was a difficult day on the hill. 

Western Kentucky University’s President, Timothy Caboni, announced the second round of the university’s budget stabilization plan.

119 total jobs were eliminated in February during the first phase of the plan. During this second phase, more jobs are being cut.

"As difficult as this round is I think we have managed to do this with less job loss. As of today there are only ten filled positions that will be eliminated in this round. So I am really pleased about that, not just for the institution, but also the community." says Caboni.

Along with the ten filled positions, 20 vacant positions will also be eliminated at the university.

Caboni told WNKY the university will continue a hiring slow down put in place last fall.

"A challenging day. A challenging semester….but the upside is once we have gotten through this, and we will by the end of the semester it really positions us to invest in our strategic plan, the shared vision going forward as we continue to elevate WKU." adds Caboni.

Caboni says his goal is for students to not feel the impact of the budget cuts, but one student we talked with is worried about the future of the university.

"We need a lot more education and a lot more people around, working and helping the students. Cutting that is not going to help. I think it’s going to cut down on the variety and diversity of different perspectives teaching students and that alone is a loss." says Tevan Morton, a senior at WKU.

The exact positions being cut will be announced next week. Caboni says no further jobs will be eliminated after the phase.

All employees whose positions were eliminated will receive full pay and benefits until June 30th. 

The total number of jobs being eliminated after both phases adds up to 149 positions.

WKU President’s message to faculty and staff on budget cuts