WKU Admissions Expected to Rise After Athletic Success

A loss for the Hilltoppers men’s basketball team last night… but a wins for Western Kentucky University overall. 

In the coming weeks, it will get even busier for those in the WKU admissions office. All thanks to the university’s men’s basketball team.

"Normally when athletic teams do well, admissions offices notice an increase in the interest in the institution and certainly applications to the institution." says Jace Lux, the Director of WKU’s Recruitment and Admissions Office.

Recent national exposure for WKU, with games televised on ESPN… is a big win!

"It certainly goes a long way in increasing the WKU brand nationally, We’ve experienced similar trends when we have done well in football bowl games for example." says Lux.

Athletic success also gives current students a sense of pride.

"I feel like a lot of people here are really excited, it kind of brings students together. Everyone can bond over the fact that their school is going to an NIT tournament." says Morgan Hayes, a WKU student. 

Admissions officials expect to know in a few weeks the exact impact they’ll see as a result of a successful season for the men’s basketball team. 

WKU social media numbers have also skyrocketed because of the basketball team. The men’s basketball team Twitter page has nearly 3-million impressions over the last month alone.