Will Instagram Users Fall Alongside Their Owners…Facebook?

College student, Jessica Leora, told us she’s a daily Instagram user, following artists and feeds she enjoys. But watch as she finds out who owns Instagram.

Leora is not the only one confused, and potentially uneasy about Instagram. Almost 57% of Americans don’t know that Facebook owns Instagram and tech crunch editor at large, Josh Constine says that’s the way Facebook likes it.

Last year Facebook lost almost three million users under the age of 25, and for the first time posted a net decline of 700,000 users in North America. This year the under 25 crowd is projected to shrink again on Facebook, but keep growing on Instagram. In a statement, Instagram says it will never sell users data, photos or videos.  So far the "Delete Facebook" movement has not morphed into a "Delete Instagram" movement. "Delete Facebook" advocates like Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, and Space-X are still active on Instagram.