Where Do Radar & SoKY Live?

One of the questions viewers ask most about Radar is – Where does he live?  He lives at WNKY-TV Studios.  And yes, most of his human coworkers only work until 5:00 PM or even as late as 11:00 PM (for our weather people), but Radar is never alone.  Our overnight master control crew keeps watch over Radar during the night. 

During the day he can usually be found in someone's office playing, chewing or relaxing.  He has a favorite chair near the front of the building that he often naps in. 

On the weekends Radar Goes to Alpha Pet Boarding and Training.  He has a nice doggy condo there and gets to play with lots of his friends.  Of course sometimes he has to work on the weekends.  He can been seen at events all over Southern Kentucky.  He loves visiting with our viewers! 

Since SoKY is still a pup and going through extensive training to with Dog's Day Out, she lives with WNKY Staff members throughout the week. She's even out and about at community events in…SoKY!