SoKY Speaks

SoKY Speaks - Pizza

Pizza is a universally-beloved dish, but that doesn't mean there isn't some controversy when it comes to the toppings! In this week's SoKY Speaks, Tej Joshi hit the campus of WKU to ask…

SoKY Speaks - Easter

Easter weekend is almost here, so we hopped through the streets of downtown Bowling Green asking about Easter!

SoKY Speaks - College basketball

NCAA March Madness® is here! This week, we spoke to several WKU students about their bracket predictions and favorite NCAA Tournament memories.

SoKY Speaks - Sports

Which sport could you go pro in? Which athlete would you spend a day with? This week's SoKY Speaks explores all things sports!

SoKY Speaks - Mars

For this unique edition of SoKY Speaks, WNKY's Tej Joshi visits Mars! But before he left, he asked South Central Kentuckians some fun questions about The Red Planet.

SoKY Speaks - Sledding

After this memorable week of winter weather, we visited Hospital Hill for a special sledding edition of SoKY Speaks!

SoKY Speaks - Valentine's Day

Have you ever had a bad date experience on Valentine's Day? We explored that question and much more in this week's SoKY Speaks!

SoKY Speaks - Super Bowl

With Super Bowl Sunday just a couple days away, we asked South Central Kentuckians who they think will win the game! Be sure to watch the game only on WNKY CBS 40.

SoKY Speaks - Lottery

With last week's Mega Millions drawing reaching $1 billion, we wanted to know: What would you do with that much money?

SoKY Speaks - Music

Grab your Walkman because we're walking the streets of Bowling Green to hear about your tastes in music!

SoKY Speaks - Beverages

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite drink, because this edition of SoKY Speaks is all about beverages!

SoKY Speaks - Snow

In honor of the few snow flurries we saw last night, this week's SoKY Speaks is all about snow! What's your favorite snow day activity? We explore that question and more in this…

SoKY Speaks - Farewell, 2020

With 2020 now in the rearview mirror, we hit the streets of downtown Bowling Green to hear some positive things about everyone's year.  

SoKY Speaks - Christmas traditions

From unwrapping gifts and meals with family to leaving cookies out for Santa, WNKY's Tej Joshi hits the streets to find out how south central Kentuckians celebrate Christmas.

SoKY Speaks - Christmas music

Can you name the 12 Days of Christmas? We ask this and more Christmas music related questions in this week's SoKY Speaks.

SoKY Speaks - The spirit of giving

This year more than ever before, giving around the holidays is important. That's why this week's SoKY Speaks is a friendly reminder to give generously this holiday season!

SoKY Speaks - Christmas trees

We're kicking off our holiday editions of SoKY Speaks by asking about Christmas trees! Do you prefer artificial or real? What's the weirdest ornament you own? We discuss that and more in this week's…

SoKY Speaks - Black Friday

Black Friday is here! Earlier in the week, we spoke to locals about their shopping habits this time of year.

SoKY Speaks - Superheroes

Put your cape on for this week's SoKY Speaks! This week, we asked locals their thoughts on all things superheroes and superpowers.

SoKY Speaks - Circus

We went under the big top for this week's SoKY Speaks! We asked locals their opinion on clowns, and a few other circus-related questions.

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