SoKY Speaks

SoKY Speaks - Ice cream flavors

Vanilla or chocolate? Cup or cone? This week's SoKY's Choice is all about ice cream. Hear what South Central Kentuckians said about the sweet treat.

SoKY Speaks - Oral hygiene

Are you loyal to a specific toothpaste brand, or do you buy whatever's cheapest? Do you floss, or is it just a waste of time? This week's SoKY Speaks is all about…

SoKY Speaks - Movie theaters

As streaming services get more popular, fewer people are visiting the movie theater. We hit the streets of South Central Kentucky to hear what residents think about the movie theater experience.

SoKY Speaks - Streaming services

With the emergence of Disney+ and the future arrivals of NBC's Peacock and HBO Max, we wanted to know what South Central Kentucky's favorite streaming service is. Watch this week's SoKY Speaks…

SoKY Speaks - Re-gifting presents

Do you think it's okay to return or re-gift holiday presents? Find out what some residents of Bowling Green think in this week's SoKY Speaks.

SoKY Speaks - Pet Preferences

In this week's SoKY Speaks, we asked the age-old question: cats or dogs? Hear what South Central Kentuckians had to say about their own personal pet preferences.

SoKY Speaks - Coffee Preferences

Hot or cold? Black or with sugar? Morning or night? This week's SoKY Speaks tackles one of the most popular drinks in America: coffee.

SoKY Speaks - The spirit of giving

This December, WNKY is bringing you stories about giving and the holiday season. To get things started, we asked South Central Kentucky what the best gift they've given and gotten is!

SoKY Speaks - Vacation destinations

With Tej on vacation this week, he wanted to know your favorite vacation spots! From the beach to the mountains, here's what South Central Kentucky said was their favorite place to relax.

SoKY Speaks - Christmas trees

It's a popular topic this time of year: when is too early to put up your Christmas tree? In this week's SoKY Speaks, we asked South Central Kentucky their thoughts on all…

SoKY Speaks - Deodorant study

A new study conducted by market research company YouGov found that nearly 40% of 18 to 24-year-olds are not wearing deodorant. We asked South Central Kentucky for their thoughts on the study…

SoKY Speaks - Car horns

This week's SoKY Speaks is inspired by a tweet by Elon Musk involving car horns. We asked Bowling Green residents what they would choose as their customized car horn sound. -- To…

SoKY Speaks - Bourbon & Brewfest Edition

For this week's SoKY's Choice, WNKY's Tej Joshi visited Bowling Green Ballpark during the annual Bourbon & Brewfest event. We asked festival-goers their thoughts on all things bourbon and beer.

SoKY Speaks - Halloween celebrations

Should Halloween be moved to the last Friday or Saturday of October, or stay on the traditional October 31 date? A new petition calls for the move of Halloween, citing children's safety on…

SoKY Speaks - Reading habits

This week, we asked you: what are your reading habits? A new study found that 27% of Americans have not read a book in the past year. We wanted to know if you…

SoKY Speaks - Favorite sitcoms

With the fall line-up of shows in full swing, we decided to ask South Central Kentuckians what their favorite sitcom of all time is.

SoKY Speaks - Pumpkin spice

This debut of SoKY Speaks features locals giving their thoughts and opinions on one of the most talked-about fall flavor: pumpkin spice.

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