Warren County Regional Jail Providing Inmates Care Backpacks

It’s no secret life for inmates isn’t always the greatest once finishing up their time and integrating back into society.

One local jail seeks to change that.

The Warren County Regional Jail is partnering with the Kentucky Reentry Council for a new initiative.

One that gives inmates hope, a fresh start and the knowledge that they are cared for by the jail.

That’s why the Warren County Regional Jail has kick-started the idea of care backpacks.

This is an idea that originated from the Kentucky Reentry Council and has been fully supported by Jailer Stephen Harmon.

Inside, the backpacks contain hygiene items, socks and a resource list of different organizations that can help inmates when they get out.

The packs are for inmates being released and all inmates are able to receive a backpack.

The jail is trying to strictly seek out providing backpacks to those inmates dealing with poverty or who have been in jail a long time.

Especially for the inmates who won’t have any resources when they get released.

We spoke to Lieutenant Douglas Miles, who is also the Program Services Director at the Warren County Regional Jail.

Miles tells us these backpacks convey to the inmates that they are valued no matter what they’ve done.

He also says the care backpacks are only the beginning, and that Program Services has plenty more helpful ideas.

Moving forward, he shared that the jail has plans to give inmates the opportunity to receive new i.d. cards and more.