Warren County Public Schools welcome students for the first day

School is back in session!

This morning, buses hit roads and students filled the classrooms inside Briarwood Elementary School.

Warren County Public Schools welcomed over sixteen thousand students today.

“This is the most wonderful time of year!  Children come in and their eyes light up. They are ready with new clothes, new backpacks, new supplies, and to see their teachers and just to find out what’s been going on this summer in the building and what’s happening with all their teachers and principals.” said Lori Morris, the principal of Briarwood Elementary School.

Some of those students are returning and some are brand new.

Over 100 kindergartners stepped foot into Briarwood Elementary today for the very first time to begin walking the halls on a brand new journey.

Some kindergartners were eager for the new journey.

“I’m really excited!” said Delia, a Kindergartner.

“I’m excited to learn to read and play on the playground” said Caroline, another kindergartener.

Others were not as excited…

Wyatt, who is also a new kindergartner, shook his head ‘no’ when asked if he was excited. 

The kindergartners had mixed emotions, but It was clear more tears were shed from the parents, some even attended the annual boo-who breakfast.

“I am a little overwhelmed. She’s my baby, so this is my last one. I’m just overwhelmed and excited all at the same time.” said Jennifer Dotson. 

“Cause its my oldest and he’s going to kindergarten. I’m just putting him in somebody else’s hands all day. Hell be good its just a big step.” said Megan Rodgers.

Through the emotions, Mrs. Morris told us the start of the day went smoothly for the students, parents, and staff.