Warren County Public Schools prepare for new school year

Next Wednesday, over sixteen thousand students will walk into Warren County Public Schools for the start of a new school year, but before the students ever walk through those doors the district has a lot of prepping to do.

The Warren County Public School district is the fourth largest school system in the Commonwealth.

Prepping for such a large number of students takes a lot of time and work from all of the district’s departments.

From teachers, to bus drivers, to cafeteria staff, all of the district’s 2,500 employees do their part.

“I would say I spend all summer long preparing. Whether it is reading an educational book, finding resources online, cutting and gluing, and laminating and coming up with ideas, it’s something I do all summer long. I like to do new things every year so I can keep my job fresh and keep things fun and engaging for my students.” says Amelia Cook, a 3rd grade teacher at Alvaton Elementary School. 

The teachers aren’t the only ones who have been busy this summer.

The transportation department makes sure all 230 school buses are maintained properly and ready to hit the road for the ten thousand students that ride the bus to and from school each day.

While mechanics are inspecting the buses, cafeteria workers are preparing to serve over two million meals to ten thousand students this school year.

Whether it’s a classroom, a bus, or food in the cafeteria, all of Warren County’s twenty-three schools are making the final preparations for next Wednesday.

“We are busy around here in the summer. So our facility teams do a fabulous job of getting the school ready for our kids. This year all the classrooms were painted, hand rails were painted, floors are all waxed, and everything is ready to go for the kids.” says Sarah Johnson, the Principal of Alvaton Elementary School. 

Warren County Public Schools start back to school on Wednesday, August 8th.