Warren County Public Schools to increase safety measures

Only six months into 2018 and  there have already been over 20 school shootings where someone was injured or killed. The Warren County Public School district is taking measures to keep their students and staff safe.

“Our goal from the very beginning has been not only to ensure the safety of our students and our staff, but we also know it’s equally as important that they feel safe in our schools.” says Rob Clayton, Warren County Public Schools Superintendent

Earlier this year a Regional Safety Task Force committee was organized to advise the Warren County Public School district about additional safety precautions. A final list of suggestions was sent to the district on May 17th. While there are many suggestions on the list… Superintendent Rob Clayton tells us expanding the school resource officer program is a top priority. 

“I am of the firm belief that one of our next steps needs to be an increase in the school resource officer program, that now currently exists at each of our high schools. We want to provide some level of support at all 23 of our schools. “ adds Clayton.

Sergeant Curtis Hargett with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office tells WNKY SRO’s have been in Warren County schools for the past 18 years. He says the program is beneficial to everyone in the community.

“Well they are a resource from law enforcement to the public and from the school system to the public. So the interaction, the knowledge they can bring in helping resolve problems and issues that may arise from an educational level as well as a criminal level at times too.” says Hargett.

Along with expanding the SRO program, Clayton also says adding more mental health professionals to schools throughout the district is another step to increase safety.

Clayton adds, “We want to make sure our students know that each and everyday we are there for them and in order to do that we do need to expand our mental health services, which includes mental health specialists."

No word yet on when these suggestions will be put into place, but the school district is taking a progressive approach to increase safety. For more information you can view Warren County Public Schools Superintendent, Rob Clayton’s entire announcement here: http://www.warrencountyschools.org/Superintendent