Warren Co. transportation officials gather for snow and ice training

Winter is coming.

Nearly 30 snow plow drivers gathered at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s post in Warren County Thursday morning for snow and ice training.

It’s a yearly event, where drivers learn techniques and safety procedures, in addition to discussing what went well last year and what can be done differently this year.

Wes Watt, an official with the transportation cabinet, says when snow and ice becomes problematic, the Transportation Cabinet’s drivers are the first line of defense.

"They are on the roadway when it’s not safe for anyone else to be on the roadway," said Watt. "People need to keep that in mind because these guys and gals are out here making sure that the roadways are safe as possible. There is no magic wand to make snow and ice go away. It takes a lot of work from these folks."

Also on Thursday morning, numerous trucks were stocked with gallons and gallons of salt. The salt dome at the Cabinet’s Warren County site holds 5,000 tons of salt.