Vietnam Veteran fighter pilot from Bowling Green remembers John McCain

A Vietnam War fighter pilot, like Senator John McCain, is remembering the man they called the "Maverick". 

Bowling Green resident, Dan Cherry, who flew for the United States Air Force in Vietnam in 1967, the same year McCain was shot down over the country, says regardless of what you thought of McCain politically, you have to respect the man.

"I’d want to thank him for his service because I respect and honor him for that. I’m sure if we had a little social time together, we’d do what fighter pilots do, which is talk with our hands and compare notes on our fighter pilot experiences," said Cherry. "It’s a sad day for America, that’s for sure."

While McCain and Cherry never crossed paths, Cherry wishes they could have sat down together over a cold beer. 

"We have a lot in common and I’m sure we’d find those areas that we did have in common and have a good laugh about it," said Cherry.