The meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is a time when people have barbecues, swim in lakes and pools, and hang out with friends and family, but that’s not what the last Monday in May is really all about.

"We honor veterans all the way back to the Revolutionary War," said U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Malcolm Cherry. "We do that mostly about our soldiers and people that were killed in combat or died in service of their country."

Sometimes the focus of Memorial Day is lost on those who never really understood its significance in the first place, but to veterans like Cherry who congregate at American Legion halls like the one in Bowling Green, Memorial day holds a special place in their hearts.

"That’s what it’s all about – honoring our veterans, doing what we can for them, servicing them," Cherry said. "Even the ones that are still alive, helping them, and honoring the ones that have gone on already."

The annual day of remembrance evokes a multitude of emotions for those who served, but also for those that are still on active duty.

"To us it’s quite sacred," said Cherry. "We do the best we can to honor those veterans."

But Memorial Day is also the time to recognize fallen soldiers, and the ones who never returned home to their families.

"It definitely makes you think a little bit more on that day about your friends and the ones that didn’t make it. Of course you think about them every day, but especially the ones that did not make it home, and did not get to see their family," Cherry said.

Remember to take time this weekend to honor and thank the veterans of this country for the service they’ve provided, and continue to provide, so that we may enjoy all the freedoms and liberties that we live with today.