The Foundry is a beacon of hope for children

The Foundry Christian Community Center is a beacon of hope.

The center focuses on serving the kids in the surrounding community in need.

Whether its education or love, the students that attend find the Foundry is a second home.

The Executive Director Susan McCloud prides herself on being an example of God’s love.

McCloud welcomed the idea of serving the community and uses her passion to change lives.

She tells us that one of the main focuses at the Foundry was preparing kids for kindergarten.

A lot of the children in the community were coming to the Foundry nowhere near being ready.

However, that’s where the hope comes in.

McCloud believes any child can be helped and changed with God’s love and his word as the guide.

That’s why after-school teachers like Will Downing are so excited for the opportunities the Foundry offers.

Downing has been with the Foundry for quite some time, and originally felt he wouldn’t be a good fit for kids.

That quickly changed when he realized the kids were changing him in the best way.

Downing has seen kids transform from unable to read to having the eagerness to read.

It’s his faith in the community and what God can do that allows him to witness this impact.

The Foundry was recently awarded a 5-star rating in June of this year under the childcare division, the highest rating one can receive.

This is based on the Kentucky All-Stars state rating and improvement system.

The Foundry’s after-school academy and preschool have accomplished great things in a short time.

As they work to better the lives of the children in Bowling Green, their success will only continue.