The Foundry Christian Community Center brings hope to families


It’s what one local community center aims to bring children.

Children who would otherwise be without.

The Foundry Christian Community Center is tucked away on the corner of west 11th Avenue.

But their impact on the youth can be felt throughout the city.

That’s by changing kid’s hearts as well as their lives.

They’re doing this every day through God’s love and a nurturing education.

The Foundry Christian Center strives to empower children and families.

They also inspire them to achieve all they are capable of being through education, mentoring, health and fitness.

The Foundry also offers summer camp opportunities for elementary and middle school kids.

Through God’s love, the Foundry provides hope and comfort in situations where the future seems bleak.

The Foundry also provides assistance and education to kids with disabilities, reaching children of all natures in the community.

One of the after school teachers, William Downing, was once hesitant to work with kids.

Downing tells us he feared they wouldn’t like him.

But now he says seeing the growth and success in the kids he works with has been truly rewarding for him.

"The want to, and the hope they have for themselves. I always say I think people sometimes walk in our doors and they think about how they’re going to impact a child and it’s the other way around. That child impacts you. That child changes your life."

The Foundry has a big announcement they’ll make Wednesday.

However, there’s one I’d like to share.

74% of kids in the Bowling Green community were not kindergarten ready, and 50% statewide.

But over a two year period, the Foundry has transformed so many kids that now 93% of kids are kindergarten ready.

For more information on the Foundry Christian Community Center, click here.