Teachers Want Their Voices Heard

Teachers and state workers gathered on the square in Franklin Thursday afternoon to make sure their voices are heard by state lawmakers. 

Senate Bill #1 puts their pensions and benefits at risk. The emotions are being felt throughout the state today after many teachers participated in walk-ins.

"Well I think anytime you entertain the decision as critical as pension reform and how it’s going to impact the quality of public school education across the commonwealth its going to heighten the emotions of a lot of people, especially those on the front line and doing the work day to day. So I certainly understand their concerns, their emotions and I feel them too." says Rob Clayton, the Warren County Schools Superintendent.

"We feel that we are being taken advantage of, we are not being given what is rightfully ours with senate bill #1. We hope that the legislators are listening and hopefully we can get back what we deserve." says Adam Webster, a local teacher.