Tailgating Without the Tailgates?

Tomorrow is WKU Football’s annual Red and White Scrimmage, but student attendance might be down this year due to a new decision by the university on where to allow students to tailgate.

For tomorrow’s game students will be allowed to tailgate on the lawn in front of Grise Hall, the only problem with that is there is no access for trucks or other vehicles to pull up to the location, and no music will be allowed either.

Several students we talked to today said they wouldn’t be attending the game due to the stricter tailgating location and rules, and instead they’d just hang out elsewhere tomorrow afternoon.

Athletic Director Todd Stewart knows how important it is to have students attend home games, and he and the rest of the athletic department want to do whatever they can to help ensure that students can enjoy both tailgating and the game. 

According to WKU officials, the Grise Hall location will be a trial run tomorrow before any final decision is made regarding the fall season.