Students and Educators React to Linda Brown’s Passing

The passing of Linda Brown has not only saddened the world, but several locals here in Bowling Green.

A pioneer in the education system, Brown led the charge in desegregating public schools in the Brown vs. Board of Education case.

Even though the students were the focus of Brown’s case, educators are feeling the weight of Brown’s passing as well.

We spoke to a retired Western Kentucky University Vice President of Student of Affairs, Howard Bailey. 

He tells us although Brown has died, her work in uniting us all under one educational roof must continue to live on.

But Bailey is not alone in recognizing that Brown’s efforts have been instrumental for us all.

Two African-American students tell us that if it weren’t for Brown and her impact, their lives would have played out much differently.

One freshman at WKU, Davian Merrell, says he would like to thank Brown for making the life he’s lived possible.

Another student, Bremonte Carpenter, says fighting for what you truly believe in is always necessary…

Although Linda Brown has passed, her legacy of having a united school system and outlet where all students are welcome, must continue to exist.