Some Edmonson County Residents Upset Over Music Video

The country-rap duo, Twang and Round’s latest song called, "Devil to Pay" has some local religious groups upset. 

The music video was filmed at Beaver Dam Creek Baptizing Creek in Edmonson County.

"We also chose the location because it’s a beautiful place. We wanted to portray Kentucky in the light that we seen fit for this gospel-rap song that we did. So we did that all for the glory of God." says Vernon Roach, known as "Twang" in the duo. 

Brad Davis, known as "Round" in the duo is from Edmonson County and he told us he always thought it was a public area, but some religious leaders in the community say that is not the case. They say the area is only to be used for religious services.

Tommy Bolton, the Treasurer, told the Edmonson Voice, "We all know the property is intended for baptisms, but since weddings are religious ceremonies, we’ve allowed them." 

We asked Shane Doyle, the Edmonson County Sheriff, if the group was allowed to film the music video there and here’s what he told us…

"Technically no, but in order to be charged with trespassing, you have to be notified you are trespassing. Nobody notified them of that. There are not any ‘No Trespassing’ signs posted here. So although the property usage is very specific in the deed and trustees, a lot of people didn’t realize that was the case." says Doyle. 

Twang and Round told us another reason they chose this spot for their gospel- rap song was because of the beauty and also because they wanted to highlight the community.

"I do apologize for not calling. I just now learned it was apparently private property, but nobody knew in that county that it was private, you know." says Brad Davis, known as "Round" in the duo. 

The duo wants people to know that going forward this wouldn’t happen again and they are not upset with the local churches.