Side by Side program helps children with disabilities

One local museum is helping prove to students with disabilities there are no limitations to what they can do.

The Kentucky Museum on Western Kentucky University’s campus is hidden.

But the impact they’re having on students with disabilities is evident.

This by allowing them to showcase their talents through art.

That’s with the Side by Side V.S.A. Art Exhibit.

The exhibit is an accumulation of the Side by Side Program the Kentucky Museum does along with V.S.A. Kentucky.

There are five Saturday classes where children with disabilities work with an artist in two separate classes.

On the sixth Saturday, they are paired with a local professional artist to create a collaborative piece.

Then the Museum chooses the child’s best art and hangs it alongside the professional artist’s individual work.

And their collaborative piece, all on the same wall.

We spoke with the Kentucky Museum’s Art-in-Residence, Lynne Ferguson.

She says seeing the talents the children possess regardless of their limitations will inspire you to believe in the program.

If you know anyone with disabilities interested in Side by Side, here’s what you can do.

You can either contact Delaire Rowe with V.S.A at 270-904-7019 or Ferguson herself at the museum.

Her number is 270-745-2594.

You can also visit the Kentucky Museum website for more information here.

Next January, letters will be sent out to anyone interested in the Side by Side program.