Shots Fired on Rock Creek Road

In Bowling Green, police arrest a suspect in a shooting and find him in possession of at least one stolen firearm.

On Thursday, officers responded to a ‘shots fired call’ on Rock Creek Rd. where they then found a bullet on the ground and a vehicle window that had been shot through.

Through a lengthy investigation with residents of the apartment complex, a woman told officers Isaias Delgado, 21, allegedly went to Walmart with two other men to take back two guns that were stolen from him previously.

She says they believed a van was watching them at the store and then followed them back to the apartment where Delgado then believed he saw a red laser pointed at them in the parking area.

Moments later she says he fired a shot in that direction.

Delgado is charged with possessing a stolen firearm and 1st degree wanton endangerment.