Senior Olympic Spectacular in Bowling Green

Get ready… get set… go!

Seniors from Signature Healthcare facilities all the way from Indiana to Tennessee rolled into Bowling Green today.

It’s a day they have been preparing for.

“This is our annual senior Olympics spectacular!” says Stephanie Lindsey with Signature Healthcare in Bowling Green.

Seniors from nine Signature Healthcare facilities across the region came to the Kummer-Little Recreation Center in Bowling Green to show everyone what they are made of.

Seniors like Rhonda look forward to this event each year.

“Oh I feel like a kid again! My oldest son would love seeing me do this.” says Rhonda Pryor-Houk, a senior athlete.

Rhonda’s favorite competition is corn hole, but there are many others including wheelchair races, putt-putt, basketball, and shot-put.

“It’s a very exciting time because we train for this. We work up to it. We are training. We are hyping them up and they just come because we celebrate their life. We celebrate what they can do, rather than what they can’t do. They have so much fun. They love to get out of the facility, spend time with other residents and just enjoy a fabulous day. They really feel good about themselves, it gives them a lot of confidence.” adds Lindsey.

No matter what sport they compete in, It’s a day full of fun and laughter for these seniors.

“Well all the dancing and singing… I like to do that too.” says Georgeana Redfern, a senior athlete.

Events like this are fun, but they are also beneficial for the seniors.

“It’s so important for our residents to continue to have fun and live an active life not only because not only does it create a fun life and improve their quality of life, but it also helps with any conditions they might have.” says Ashley Graham, the Regional Quality of Life Director for Signature Healthcare. 

The senior Olympic spectacular takes place every September and this is the 15th year for the event.