Scottsville Murder Trial Won’t Begin Until 2018

Scottsville, KY (WNKY-TV) – The murder trial for the man accused of raping and killing a 7-year-old Scottsville girl won’t begin until 2018. In Allen County Circuit Court Judge Janet Crocker estimated that 39-year-old Timothy Madden’s trial probably won’t begin until January 2018, which evoked many emotions from both the Doolin and Madden families. Madden faces murder and rape charges in the death of Gabbi Doolin in November of 2015 at a youth football game at Allen County Scottsville High School. At the hearing Judge Crocker denied extra testing of a specific DNA sample saying it was repetitive and a waste of resources. A deadline for any possible change of venue was also set for March 31st, 2017, which Madden’s attorney, Travis Lock says will be filed before then.

Travis Lock, Defense attorney for Madden, said, "I think it’s going to be tough to panel a jury in any contiguous county. I’m not sure where this case will be tried, but I’m sure that’s something that the court will address in due time." 

If no change of venue is requested Madden won’t be in court again until July 26th, 2017 for a pre-trial conference. At that hearing an official trial date will be set.