Protect your trees from storm damage

If you’ve drove around lately, you have probably seen a few trees brought down by the recent storms.

Trees are just one of the many things that can be easily damaged when strong storms come rolling in. In fact, the moisture build up from the rain makes tree limbs twice as heavy. 

That extra weight can often cause branches to bend and possibly even break. 

WNKY talked to one expert on how you can protect your trees and in turn, your home and your vehicles. Here’s what he had to say…

"If you don’t properly prune your trees, what happens is the wind catches them just like a billboard. You need to go in and thin certain areas out in the tree, take out the dead limbs out of the tree, different stuff like that. If you have weak points in the tree, maybe you need to cable it to be sure it doesn’t blow over." says Ben Lamb, the owner of The Tree Man, a tree service business in Bowling Green. 

If you are concerned about your trees, most tree service businesses offer free evaluations.