President Trump Holds Listening Session on How to Tackle Mass Shootings

President Trump has said he will host three "listening sessions" to get input from Americans on how to tackle mass shootings in American schools.

Today he’s meeting with local lawmakers and officials after a discussion with students, parents and teachers Wednesday.

He met with state and local officials, including the mayor of Parkland, Florida, the site of last week’s school shooting.

Wednesday he sat down with students, parents and teachers who have experienced school shootings.

While the president mostly listened – he did say he wants to focus on several solutions including:  strengthening background checks, increasing mental health services and arming school staffers who have gun training.

President trump’s suggestion of arming certain teachers was met with resistance both in the room and on social media.

President Trump defended his call for arming trained teachers, tweeting: a "gun free" school is a magnet for bad people. Attacks would end!"

President Trump has also called for raising the age to purchase guns to 21.  That proposal has been criticized by the NRA.