Parents going digital to manage children’s chores and allowances

In today’s high tech world many parents are no longer giving their kids cash to do chores. There are now allowance apps that help parents teach kids how to be financially responsible while earning money. 

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. These are real American kids helping around the house without their parents asking.

And yes they want to something out of it. But that’s ok with mom and dad. One mom, Dawn McCord says, "We have tried every chore chart there is known to man." But even when kids stuck to their chores, like most of us, Dawn McCord rarely carried cash. So she ditched the chart, and went digital by downloading the BusyKid app.

Moms and dads choose the chores and set their price, then kids check off their chores when they’re done.
BusyKid app creator Greg Murset, a busy dad of 6, says "I did it because I want my kids to get the skills so that they’ll get out of my house and never come back except to visit once and a while right, I want them to be successful."

Other apps on the market like Rooster Money, PennyOwl, and FamZoo promise to help kids manage and save money. The BusyKid app also helps kids invest their earnings. The McCord kids have invested in Lamborghini, Netflix and Amazon. "I’m hoping that it’ll teach them a relationship between hard work and money," says Dawn.

Most chore apps do have some kind of fee, and a year-long subscription to BusyKid is $14.99 for the whole family.