One local pastor encourages love in wake of Pittsburgh shooting

The weight of what happened on Saturday is heavy for many.

Including Pastor Adam Shourds at Broadway United Methodist Church.

Every Sunday morning, he ponders if his church will experience something like this.

However, he refuses to live in fear and has a ministry in place to keep the church safe.

That’s due to incidences like the ones in Pittsburgh and the Hillview Heights stabbing that happened here locally.

Now, Broadway United Methodist Church has a security ministry that works to protect its congregation from danger.

Another way Broadway reacts to tragedies like this is with love.

Most recently, the shooting at a Kroger in Louisville that happened last week.

Broadway’s sister church, Rivercity Church in St. Matthews responded by greeting store workers the next day with hugs and doughnuts.

This is an example of the way we as people can resist hate and evil towards what we hear and see happen around the world.

For pastor Shourds being front and center every Sunday, unfortunately, makes him a target.

However, he says being wise and loving keeps his fears away.

We also asked Pastor Shourds if churches should have armed guards.

He says there is a line between safety and bringing fear in with armed people so visible.

Instead, he believes being vigilant, prepared and trusting in God is more than enough to ensure everyone has peace of mind.