One father’s love saves four kids’ lives

Steve Rose is a man who wears many hats.

Baker, florist, and a wedding and event planner.

But there’s one title he’s most proud to have.

A father.

It all started when Steve and his partner Jeff visited Family Enrichment Center.

After taking several classes on adoption, a year later, a family was born.

Now, Steve and Jeff are raising four young boys.

Chan, Hunter, Ian and Daylong.

These kids’ lives were full of neglect and abuse before Steve and Jeff adopted them.

But Hunter, who’s 9 years old, says being adopted was what saved his life.

Hunter and his brothers now live the life they deserve, full of happiness and love.

But taking in four new kids takes adjustment and brings change.

Something Steve says he’ll never regret.

Steve is not the only one grateful for the chance at a new family.

Chaz is 17 and the first kid Steve and Jeff adopted.

Chaz, who is special needs and reads at a third-grade level, was once abused.

And says being given a family is all he wants for other parentless kids.

For the other kids, a chance at a better life was all they ever wanted.

And it’s certainly what they’ve received.

With the family he always wanted and nothing but love to give, there’s just one more desire left in Steve’s heart.

As they say, children are the future.

And for these four kids, their futures will be made possible by their father’s love.

If you would like more information on adopting or the Family Enrichment Center, click here.