Norway is working on innovating a battery powered airplane

It’s the next step in greener transportation: battery powered airplanes.  

Norway is looking to be a pioneer in the field, testing a tiny electric plane for the first time. The two seater electric plane took off from Oslo Airport with two Norwegian transport officials on board.  Crowds snapped photos as the battery-powered aircraft flew for several minutes, with no exhaust polluting the air.

Norway’s transport minister says battery prices are falling and plane makers like Boeing and airbus are also working on electric aircraft.  Electric planes can struggle with weight because of bulky batteries and limited ranges.  But Norwegian officials are determined to be ready to fly the first battery-powered passenger plane with 19 seats within the next 7 years. 

Norway’s ferry boats are also going electric as part of the battle against climate change, and the Scandinavian country leads the world when it comes to putting electric cars on the roads, but now it’s hoping to find the same success in the skies.  

Norwegian officials say they hope to make all domestic flights under 90 minutes electric by the year 2040.