North and South Korea Historic Summit

The regime is now apparently saying that it won’t use conventional or nuclear weapons against South Korea, and that it has no reason to even possess nuclear weapons if it has a security guarantee.  It is not entirely clear what that means. This comes after Kim Jong Un met with a South Korean delegation in Pyongyang on Monday.  Their dinner together included Kim Jong Un’s wife and is said to have lasted for more than four hours. North Korean state media said Kim hopes to "write a new history of national reunification." All of this could complicate the Trump administration’s strategy of isolating North Korea with sanctions. The U.S. says it is open to diplomacy but only if North Korea abandons its nuclear weapons program. The administration also has to decide whether it will move forward with its annual military exercises scheduled for early April, which could coincide with the summit.  The head of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service was part of the delegation, and he will now be able to provide the United States with a good read on Kim Jong Un’s frame of mind and if these promises should be believed.