New rehab facility looks to combat growing number of drug overdoses in KY

The state of Kentucky is dealing with an epidemic of sorts – and it’s currently one that has caused more deaths in the bluegrass state than car wrecks. However, one local organization is expanding its efforts to give those suffering from this sickness a second chance.

"We’re in a situation right now that is gonna affect two generations just from people that we lose on a daily basis," said Journey Pure marketing manager Jerry Lucas.

The "situation" that Lucas is referring to is the rise in drug overdose deaths in the state of Kentucky, and it’s one that claims the lives of four individuals every day across the Commonwealth.

"There’s no income level criteria to be an addict," Lucas said. "Everybody’s the same when it grabs you. When it gets you, you got to figure out a way to get out and get healthy."

On Friday afternoon, Journey Pure officially broke ground on the construction site of additional facilities.

"It’s gonna expand our space and allow for more therapists to be in here, and for out patients to have more individual time," said Journey Pure Bowling Green clinical director Sarah Freeman.

The expansion will now give more people a chance to fight back, receive the help they need to escape the tight grasp of drug addiction, and get back to living a healthy life.

"We think we have caught on to something because we’re able to get people sober," said Lucas. "Then we’re able to get them healthy. You get them clean, then you can get them healthy. Then they figure out [they] don’t need to do this anymore."

Even though the facility currently only treats a small fraction of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, both Freeman and Lucas agree that even if they can help one person improve their life, it’s a major step in the right direction of combating something that took the lives of over 1,500 people in Kentucky in 2017.

"They come in emotionally, spiritually bankrupt," Freeman said. "Then after seven to nine days, they’re completely different."

"To have someone stand up in a group of people and say, "you saved my life"…ain’t nothing like that," Lucas added.

Journey Pure started four years ago, and Kentucky is one of three states, including Tennessee and Florida, to have these rehabilitation facilities.