New preventative migraine drugs to hit the market

While there are a variety of migraine drugs on the market, they can have difficult side effects and take time to work and adjust the dosage. But renowned headache neurologist, Dr. Richard Lipton says there’s a new class of migraine drugs.

The new drugs target a chemical and receptor on brain cells called CGRP that dilate blood vessels and are involved in pain sensitivity. Some of the drugs are monoclonal antibodies that tie up CGRP. Others block the receptor for CGRP on nerve cells. The first of these new drugs to get FDA approval is called Aimovig. It will be available in an auto-injector similar to epi-pens that a migraine patient would inject once a month.

Michael Johnson has been in the clinical trial for Aimovig for four years. He says the drug has been a life-changer for him. He says the drug has been a life-changer for him. 

This new drug is  meant as an inject-able preventive drug for those with chronic disabling migraines. Some of the other drugs  are oral medications and they are meant to be used during  an attack.