Migrating birds appearing in Kentucky thanks to Hurricane Michael

(WAVE) – Some migrating birds have been blown off track due to Hurricane Michael.

The Louisville Nature Center says they might soon see and hear something unusual in their skies because down south they’re not quite as blue.

Hurricanes can devastate birds’ food sources and hit their habitats hard too.

That means migrating birds may be off track in Kentucky due to storms like Hurricane Michael.

You might see some birds you don’t typically spot, including gulls along the Ohio River that are normally at the coast.

The nature center is a point of refuge far from the storm.

"It can delay their migration because if they’re not strong flying birds, they’re going to need to wait until the winds die down a little bit," Rebecca Minnick of the Louisville Nature says.

The Louisville Nature Center actually has a bird blind which allows you to see birds without them seeing you. 

So, there’s a chance you might see more than if you were just walking through the woods.