Meeting to discuss future of high-speed internet in Edmonson Co.

Edmonson County officials are leading a public meeting soon to address the possibility of high-speed internet coming to the county.

Edmonson County Executive Judge Wil Cannon will be leading a meeting at the Edmonson County Community Center on September 4th at 6 p.m. to discuss KentuckyWired Project-Broadband.

“They call it the middle-mile, but it’s an initiative that the state is paying for that puts broadband into every county in the state and I think Edmonson County is the only county in the state that hasn’t signed a contract, and I think the hold-up is probably within the city,” Judge Cannon explains. “I have been told by members in charge of the KentuckyWired project that if they can not work things out then they will bypass Edmonson County and we can’t have that. Broadband is too important to miss.”

According to Judge Cannon, Kentucky ranked 47th in the country in broadband speeds and capacity, and Edmonson County can feel the burden of that.

Rhonda Clemmons, Executive Director at the Edmonson County Chamber of Commerce explains, “we area member of the SOKY Film Commission and we have had two movies filmed here, so we have had film crews from Nashville and from California, and they said that they loved our community and they loved the spirit of the people and our natural beauty, but they were severely handicapped by the speed our internet and that it would affect their decision to come back here, so we’re hoping to change that.”

The public is encouraged to voice their opinion at the meeting and anyone interested in learning more about broadband is welcome to come listen.