MCHS Shooting: What We Know Now

It’s been two days since the mass shooting at Marshall County High School in the small tight knit community of Benton, Kentucky.

The tragedy took the life of two teens and injured over a dozen more. WNKY News’ Cecilia Herrell has been following the story and has new information about the victims and the shooter. 

On Tuesday, a 15-year-old student walked into Marshall County High School at 7:57am with a handgun and shot over a dozen people.

The first 9-1-1 call went out at 7:59am.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin spoke at a press conference at the Marshall County Board of Education around 12:30pm. 

Two 15-year-old students, Bailey Nicole Holt and Preston Ryan Cope died from their gun shot wounds on Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, two victims were discharged from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Two other male victims still remain in the hospital.

As of Thursday afternoon both are in stable condition.

WNKY News’ Cecilia Herrell talked exclusively with a doctor who is treating the victims.

Kentucky State Police say the shooter, who’s identity has not yet been released, has been charged with two counts of murder and he will be charged with assault first degree. The Grand jury is set for February 13th.

A motive is not clear at this time.

We will continue to update you as more details emerge.